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We identify people who have lost their hands to land-mines, explosions or other distasters. Afghanistan is one of the top 10 countries with most land-mines per square kilometer in the world. The number of people affected by land-mines is huge. Among them, we identify the most volunerable and those in high need of our help. We have helped hundreds of people by providing them with prosthetic hands and teaching them how to use them! We help these people to learn life-skills, espcially economic skills that help them earn for themselves and their families so they don't need to rely on donoations. Instead they become economically self-sufficient. One of our projects in the pipe-line is to provide these people with small amounts of captial to start thier own small businesses. We mobilise a large number of medical doctors and other professsionals to volunteer with us, as such we introduce the culture of self-help and volunteering in Afghanistan.


Our Moska Mobile Library serves nearly 4,000 children every month, it is Afghanistan's largest mobile library. Libraries are unheard of in Afghanistan. There are just a few libraries in the capital city Kabul and one or two in other provinces. Moska Mobile Library is unique in many ways; it is the very first library of its size to solely focus on children and youth and deliver books to them at their doorsteps. The library provides kids with colourful story books that help with increasing literacy levels in rural Afghanistan. Moska Mobile library serves girls and boys alike. In fact, more than 50% of the libraries readers are girls who are often kept inside houses and not allowed to go to school for to traditional reasons. Moska Mobile Library promotes the culture of reading among children and youth, and encourages parents to read with their children, something that is new for Afghanis! We also teach Afghan kids the culture of sharing, trust and hope in tomorrow by teaching them that when they return books to the library, they are provided with new books and that thier old books are taken to other kids to read.


Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries with majority of its citizens not having access to complete and nutritious food with a large number of malnourished children. Women, espcially those who are pregnant and lacating are another category of people who are most affected by lack of vitamins in their daily diets. Multivitamins provided by HADIA Foundation in most remote and war affected areas of Afghanistan ensure that children and women are provided with the necessary vitamins needed to grow and develop. HADIA Foundation's multivitamins project covers thousands of beneficiaries in various provinces of Afghanistan. 

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